Graphic Design

Graphic design is a very rewarding and fun career and there has been an explosion of IT jobs and programming jobs, also there is a high demand for graphic designers with graphic design jobs being advertised in Australia, USA and UK. It is important for businesses to have a good image and for this a graphic deisgner is required to get the most out of the business and make it STAND OUT.

To make sure that you also have a good online image it is important to have a functional well presented website that engages the clients and present a professional image but also shows what the feel of the place is.

Most companies now how important a design is but most dont know what colours stand for. Eg Royal blue is a more regal colour but mix it with orange and you have a new hip modern and funky colour scheme. Designers know this and exploit this range of colour.

3D is a totally different ball park. We can do some awsome things with 3d – there really is no limit – check out the new movie John Carter in 3D to see what is possible.



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